The benefits of a partnership
with Knightsbridge Wealth

Knightsbridge Wealth’s senior team and support staff have over 250 years experience in providing the highest quality of service and advice, with vast expertise in the international market. This expertise and experience is vital when trying to establish banking and investment management services for clients from jurisdictions that most UK regulated institutions would close the door to.

  • We pride ourselves on our ability to understand a client’s source and origin of wealth (SOW), select an institution and, most importantly, complete the transaction.
  • We build long term relationships with clients.
  • We work with those who refer clients to us, rather than in competition with them. We don’t wish to dominate any relationship and wish to be one of a number, rather than the client’s only, trusted partner. All those who provide advice provide it in the area they specialize in.
  • We are experts in a difficult market and are able to conclude business quickly and efficiently.
  • By referring to us, as an independent adviser, we take legal responsibility for the advice and risks attached to it.
  • We pride ourselves on the highest standard of advice and feedback.
  • We have negotiated reduced fees with all the providers that we deal with.
  • Referrals between the companies we work with help boost business potential for all.
  • We have long experience with dealing with clients where English is not their first language, and from different cultures. This can be of mutual benefit.


Knightsbridge Wealth is an exclusive and distinctive wealth management firm, sharing many values with the district with which we share our name. We stand for personal and individual service; for quality; for that special blend of long–established tradition together with innovation and modernity; and for a commitment to our clients that goes far beyond the everyday.


We firmly believe that the only way to provide clients with a truly objective view of their finances, and solely in their best interests, is to remain independent. We believe that remaining independent is of vital importance to our clients and strategic partners who must have confidence that we advise our clients without restriction.

Collaborative Approach & Separation of Disciplines

Professional advice cannot be delivered in isolation. Our clients require expert advice across multiple disciplines in order to achieve the best possible solutions. We recognise that, as Financial Planners, we must work collaboratively with other advisers.

Conflicts of Interest

In order to avoid any possible conflicts of interest, we outsource our client’s investment management.

Risk Management

Knightsbridge Wealth Limited carries Professional Indemnity cover of £2.3m and is regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our clients are covered under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Our professional Indemnity cover is worldwide with the exclusion of clients resident in the United Sates of America and Canada. Knightsbridge Wealth Ltd is covered by MiFID allowing us to provide services to clients in other European Economic Area member states.

Our Brand

Our Brand Pyramid explains what we stand for as a company, and how we deliver our services at all times.

What do we do?

Knightsbridge Wealth advises High Net Worth, internationally focused clients, who require comprehensive understanding of the unique issues these clients face.

Our holistic approach to Wealth Management requires the collaboration of multiple disciplines, such as financial services, legal advise, tax planning and investment management.

Our committment to collaboration, and our passion for building a trusted team, ensures that clients’ needs are met with the highest standard of advice and care.

The Professional Advantage Programme

We seek to work collaboratively with other advisers that recognize our clients require advice from a range of disciplines. Our Professional Advantage Programme is designed to build a community of partner firms who complement our ‘expert team’ approach, and wish to focus on building long-term relationships.

This collaborative approach adds significant value to both our clients and professional partners.

The programme aims to set shared goals with our parent companies, enabling us to:

Build and maintain the relationship through knowledge sharing and education.

Agree business goals and objectives.

Create structures for client communication.

Share a marketing plan to target both existing and new clients.