What you need to know about Knightsbridge Wealth

We are a young and wholly independent business, led by a senior team  determined to offer a better, more client-focused and morepersonal service than we were able to provide from within the wealth management arm of a very large international bank.

Knightsbridge Wealth specialises exclusively in the international market. Providing a London-based service to non-UK nationals, whether or not they are resident or domiciled in the UK, is the only thing we do.

Our approach is based on two fundamental principles: total confidentiality, and an exceptionally close understanding of every client – their circumstances, responsibilities, ambitions, dreams, fears, and intentions. We will never recommend any investment solution until we understand exactly what it is that you want that solution to achieve.

We always aim to impress with our level of service. People talk of “going the extra mile”: we will go many thousands of extra miles, travelling when necessary to meet with you and discuss your situation wherever you may be in the world.

We take a holistic approach to your investment strategy, whether we have  responsibility for the whole portfolio or just a portion of it. It is the overall shape which is important, and which must be suited to your objectives, your attitude and any cultural, religious or other factors which have a bearing on the approach.

We are ready, willing and able to implement your solution without delay. We have the cross-border authorisation necessary to transact, we are regulated by the FCA in London, we have a network of high-quality custodians and investment specialists, and together our team has 150 years of international investment experience to bring to bear on your requirements.