Getting to know you: what makes you tick?

How much does personal understanding matter in the world of investment? We say it matters more than anything else.

Of course it is partly a question of understanding the facts. What is the source and origin of your wealth? What other investments do you currently hold? What tax issues are you dealing with?

But these facts represent no more than half the story – arguably much less. The other part is to do with you as an individual:

  • What is your personal background?
  • What family do you have, and what responsibilities do you feel towards them?
  • What cultural or religious ideas are important to you, and affect the ways that you would choose to invest?
  • What risks do you believe you are facing, and to what extent are you comfortable with them?
  • Overall, at the highest level, what are your ambitions and intentions, and how do you envisage your wealth helping you to achieve them?

It takes time to develop an understanding of subjects like these. We will invest as much time as necessary in getting to know you. Only in this way can we be sure that we are able to become trusted advisers, in whom you can place real confidence.