Six points we may already
know about you

  1. You are not a UK national, and indeed you may have no direct connection with the UK at all. That said, you probably have some interests in London – maybe business, maybe a home here, maybe family connections.
  2. Knightsbridge Wealth specialises exclusively in the international market. Providing a London-based service to non-UK nationals, whether or not they are resident or domiciled in the UK, is the only thing we do.
  3. You are aware of one or more threats to your wealth and to your future. You may
    be concerned about political or economic instability, or about unpredictable future developments, or local legislation that runs counter to your intentions, or even about personal safety.
  4. In those circumstances, you feel a heavy weight of responsibility to manage your wealth carefully and appropriately. To that end, you have an interest in investing at least part of it through a safe haven such as London – a large, stable, well-regulated financial centre where expertise and integrity can be found.
  5. Much of that responsibility stems from your sense of obligation to others, and particularly to other members of your family. You want a plan which ensures that your legacy is secure, and that the people you care about are treated appropriately.
  6. Most of all, you want a trusted adviser – someone who has the necessary expertise, of course, but more importantly someone who shares your values, understands your issues and offers a complete commitment to providing the ongoinglevel of exceptional service you demand.