UK Immigration

Mr M, a Chinese national, was referred to Knightsbridge Wealth by the family’s immigration agent, as they were looking to establish a presence in the UK. Mr M’s business interests were in the Far East and, whilst he did not want to move permanently, he wanted to establish solid links with the UK. Mr M wanted
his children to be educated in the UK and his wife would be spending significant time here.

We were able to introduce Mr M to an international tax adviser and immigration lawyer. It was agreed that some of the family would move to the UK and, therefore, an application for a Tier 1 would be made, together with a property purchase.

Working in conjunction with the immigration lawyer, we were able to facilitate the Investor Visa application for Mrs M and arranged for the funds to be invested.

Given Mr M’s entrepreneurial background we designed an investment portfolio to meet his desire to be invested in smaller British companies as well as a more
traditional investment approach to ensure the Border Agency requirements are met at all times.

As the family were unsure about which part of London they wanted to live, we worked with search agents to identify the most appropriate family home. Once
a home had been identified, it was essential to work with the Tax Adviser to ensure the purchase was made in the most efficient way.

Mr M, as a high profile businessman, was very conscious that he would be spending significant amounts of time outside of the UK. He wanted to ensure that his family were sufficiently cared for during his absence. Therefore, we arranged for the children to gain entrance to their preferred school, by using
a respected Education Consultant. Domestically, the family home was staffed and security measures put in place.

Working through Knightsbridge Wealth, the family have established their UK base, the children are thriving at Boarding School and Mrs M is spending increasing amounts of time in the UK. Mr M still spends the majority of his time in the Far East but is delighted that the option of permanent residence has been established. We regularly monitor the investment portfolio to ensure it continues to meet the strict border agency requirements.

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